Jean Wolff

My intent is to portray abstract and creative connections in space. The movement I have hoped to create is my demonstration of flowing...from positive to negative, from one shape to counter-shape, from surface to surface. I see in this the psychological relationships among people, especially the duality of such interplay. Duality as
well as emergence are two reoccurring themes.

My work is intended to reflect many emotional moods...pulling away...breaking through...letting go...being together.

My desire is to place unique sculpture and collage within the broadest reach of emerging and established collectors.

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©2010 Jean Wolff

Untitled #8
Watercolor & Mixed Media
18" x 24"

Espace Communication
Walnut Wood & Bronze
69" ht x 16 1/2" w x 35" d

Les Yeux du Voyeur
Walnut Wood & Bronze
66 1/2" ht x 12 1/2" w x 12" d